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Jobs Near Me For Order Picker In Laval, QC

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Jobs Near Me For Order Picker In Laval, QC – Quebec company in operation since 1960. This company was born in Ste-Marcelline-de-Kildaire. Originally, Patrick Morin operated a sawmill before starting to sell nails, screws and paint. The company has 21 branches in operation, a distribution center and an administrative center.

Jobs Near Me For Order Picker In Laval, QC

Jobs Near Me
Jobs Near Me

Currently, Patrick Morin is re-opening Job Hiring in 2023 to find prospective workers who are ready to fill positions as below. Patrick Morin is looking for candidates in accordance with the requirements of Patrick Morin Canada in accordance with the company’s vision and mission.

Patrick Morin Position and Details

Jobs Hiring “Order Picker” Patrick Morin

About the job

Job Summary

The job holder must be able to greet and serve customers in the lumber yard in a dynamic and courteous manner. The person will also have to receive the goods from the various suppliers. They must also ensure compliance with standards and procedures related to occupational health and safety.

Main Responsibilities

Prepare orders for deliveries

  • Prepare orders for deliveries and for customers by making sure to give the right quantities and material in good condition;
  • Carry out the loading and/or unloading of the trucks using the forklift while respecting the various safety rules.
  • Respond Effectively to Customer Needs
  • Offers personalized customer service (listening, orienting and serving the customer according to the desired material);
  • Confirms the accuracy of the order by following the control procedures (e.g., initial, customer signature, product code, etc.);
  • Follow up on customer complaints and merchandise returns.
  • Fill the Shelves
  • Ensure the availability of products by filling the warehouse shelves;
  • Ensure inventory management (rotation, inventory);
  • Check for breakage.
  • Maintain the Yard
  • Maintaining the department (brooms) and keeping the service areas free of any residue and debris;
  • Notify the person in charge of any breakage or defect in the yard equipment;
  • Ensure snow removal from the yard in the winter.


Required Skills and Qualifications Profile

  • Have a high school diploma;
  • Hold a forklift operator’s license and propane card, an asset;
  • Hold a class 5 driver’s license, an asset.


  • Knowledge of construction materials, an asset;
  • Knowledge of SAAQ loading and securing rules, an asset.

Required Skills And Aptitudes

  • Ability to read an invoice and instructions;
  • Have dexterity for handling products;
  • Have good listening skills, good team spirit and good interpersonal skills;
  • Be resourceful, honest and autonomous;
  • Be organized and professional.

Working Conditions

  • Variable work schedule;
  • Standing work with frequent movements;
  • Loads up to 75 pounds to lift.
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