Job Hiring For Admin Assistant In Pasig, Philippines
Job Hiring For Admin Assistant In Pasig, Philippines

Job Hiring For Admin Assistant In Pasig, Philippines

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REMAX International, Inc. was founded in 1989. The company focused its core business in providing technology-based products. It gained a reputation of
dependability and extraordinary customer services especially among the banks and financial institutions. The banking and financial industry became the foremost
customer of REMAX International during the early days of the company’s operation.

REMAX International is committed to continuously distribute and source out high technology and state-of-the-art solutions to help the industry to cope with the
challenging demands of the fast-paced world. From the supply of banking and financial product solutions to power problem solutions; the company now offers all
imaginable technology product lines designed to provide equipments and solutions to keep the business convenient to manage and ultimately – profitable.

REMAX International maintains its four (4) business core groups: Business Infrastructure Solutions Department, Strategic Business Solutions Department, Product Support Services Department, Professional & Engineering Services Department

Job Hiring For Admin Assistant In Pasig, Philippines

Job Hiring For Admin Assistant In Pasig, Philippines
Job Hiring For Admin Assistant In Pasig, Philippines

Currently, Remax International, Inc is re-opening Job Hiring in 2023 to find prospective workers who are ready to fill positions as below. Remax International, Inc is looking for candidates in accordance with the requirements of Remax International, Inc Phillipines in accordance with the company’s vision and mission.

Remax International, Inc Position and Details

Job Hiring “Admin Assistant” Remax International, Inc

Job Description

  1. Disseminate bid announcements to Sales Team
  2. Send sales correspondences proposal, quotation, letters, company profile, brochures and accreditation documents to clients, related-marketing companies and suppliers.
  3. Generates Sales Order with regard to customer Purchase Order and forward to concerned departments
  4. Checks and routes Pre-quote to concerned departments.
  5. Prepares sales invoices (segregating, typing, printing, routing and recording).
  6. Updates invoices in SAP and in the master list.
  7. Calls client for possible collections and follow-up.
  8. Monitors & checks billable service work orders from customer service department.
  9. Determines, negotiate, and secures from reliable vendors company requirements considering factors such as the quality, service, reciprocity and price offered. Negotiate pricing, delivery lead time, trade discounts, and credit terms from suppliers.
  10.  Encodes forwarded pre-quote and its related acquisition pricing.
  11. Canvass all assigned PR.
  12. Prepares canvass sheet for approval of supervisor / head.
  13. Prepares purchase order (PO) from approved canvass sheet.
  14. repares and encodes DR/RR on SAP Business 1
  15. Prepares items for delivery to client based on sales order, stock transfer slip, barrower’s slip, service agreement and approved memo
  16. Prepares, schedules and monitor general services work order.
  17. Assists technical engineers in preparation for load testing and spare parts replacement.


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